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Hoopenburg Pinot Noir stands the test of time
For wine enthusiasts young warm climate Pinot Noirs have a marked depth of flavour but without the acidity of ...
Our Wine Brands
The Hoopenburg Integer range
The unique character of South African vineyards is the diversity in soils and micro climate of each vineyard. With this range we try to select the grapes that we hope will give you the unique tasting experience of the cultivar and terroir. 
The Hoopenburg Estate range
In this range we try and capture the typical flavour and fruit of each cultivar. Wines are matured in barrels for up to 12 months before we start the selecting and blending process. The label shows the panoramic view you see when standing in our vineyards. 
The Guru wines
Aimed at the lifestyle wine drinking market. We create wines that are easily accessible wines that will be enjoyable to the 'new' wine drinkers as well as the more seasoned and uncomplicated wine drinker.
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